Are socks included?

Socks are included (first visit only) with our Gold Memberships. For Frequent Flyer Silver Memberships, socks are an additional fee of $3.00. 

What if I purchase a membership but have socks from a different park?

We require our unique Adventure socks to be worn while enjoying our attraction. However you can trade in other jump socks for a FREE pair of Adventure jump socks.

I need to update my credit/ debit card. What do I do?

If you need to update your credit card on file, please contact the park directly.

Which parks can I visit with my membership?

Memberships are only valid at the park you purchased your membership through.

Do memberships have blackout dates?

Frequent Flyer Silver Memberships have access to the trampolines every Monday through Friday. Frequent Flyer Gold Memberships have 365-day access. 

 Are Go Karts included with membership?

Go Karts are not included with any membership packages.

Does everyone in my family need a membership?

Each individual that wants to participate in the park activities need a membership. Our Frequent Flyer Family Passes are the best value so family members can enjoy all the fun!

Who is considered a family member?

Family members are defined as: Immediate family

How many family members does the Frequent Flyer Family passes include?

Frequent Flyer Silver and Gold memberships are valid for up to 6 family members. 

When do my memberships expire?

Memberships never expire. You will continue to receive the same great benefits each month you are enrolled in the Frequent Flyer Passes.

Can I use my membership to participate in a birthday party?

Because birthday parties are special events, we do not allow the use of memberships to participate in our birthday party packages. You can save 10% off a birthday party package with any of our Frequent Flyer Gold Memberships. 

Is there a processing fee?

No, there are no processing or hidden fees.

How quickly is my membership active?

Memberships are active immediately upon purchase

Can memberships be purchased at the park?

Yes! Simply bring in the credit or debit card you wish to have your monthly fee billed to and our Flight Crew will be happy to assist.

Can I make a cash payment for my membership?

No, memberships are setup on credit or debit cards only.

Can I transfer my membership to someone else?

Memberships are non-transferable and only valid for the person(s) named on the membership

How do I cancel my membership?

In the event of a cancelation, please contact the park directly for processing.